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Star Plus Drama Ishqbaaz Episode 64


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Ishqbaaz is a Tv serial on Star Plus. The Story of is Based on Youth . Ishqbaaz is youth situated show on Star Plus. As per our sources, the narrative of Ishqbaaz Serial rotated around three youthful folks with various living and way of life. The story will reflect three appearances of life, brain, soul and body. The three driving performing artists will depict three distinct characters in Ishqbaaz serial. One of them is wellness freaky, the other is a businessperson and the last one is an artiste.

The Episode begins with Shivaye lifting the ghunghat and seeing Anika. He reviews the old minutes. The screen solidifies. Rudra asks what did this happen. Some time some time recently, Tia meets Shivaye and embraces him. She says I exited you four weeks back and you are in some style. He says your positive vitality couldn't come to me, however negative vitality went ahead scooty. He reviews Anika. She asks what's this negative vitality. He doesn't say anything. She says I have something to improve your ruin. She gives a few drugs with the goal that he doesn't fall sick and he gets inspiration. He says you recall that all the little things. She says yes. He grins. She says aww, grin, this requires a selfie. She takes a selfie. She tells about her FB devotees and preferences on pics.

Rudra tells Om that individuals stalk others on social destinations. He checksFB. Om inquires as to why don't they accomplish something profitable as you do. Rudra solicits are you making fun from me. Om says great you comprehended, and asks what issue do you have with Tia. Rudra says I simply disdain her outside accent. Om says that is her slang. Om says Shivaye likes her, what we think does not make a difference. Rudra says Shivaye does not love her, we have opportunity to supplant Tina. He says some shayari. Om praises on his cheek. Rudra requests that him not ruin his facepack.

Om meets Shivaye and asks what transpired now, did your heartbeat rate got high. Shivaye says don't joke, this is called preventive measures, I have devil gatherings this week. Om says you know taking solutions without need is bad, new stock once more. Shivaye says yes, Tia got this. Om says this is intimate romance, Tia got medications for you, I m seeing exceptional blessing. Shivaye says there can't be anybody ideal for me than Tia. Om inquires as to why do you generally say this. Shivaye says to make you accept. Om says its to make yourself accept. Shivaye says she watches over me, she is keen and understanding, that is the reason she got meds for me, she knows I can't bear to fall sick.

Pinky is doing arrangements for Shivaye's engagement. Pinky and Jhanvi have a contention. Shivaye requests that Om not talk like her. Om asks who. Anika enlightens Priyanka concerning Shivaye. Shivaye says I can't trust it, she was tossing dairy animals excrement on it. Om says that is called Gobar. Shivaye says I abhor that word. Anika asks what issue do Oberois have with Gobar, why do you folks detest it. Priyanka asks what happened then. Anika says then he flew in helicopter to show me down. Priyanka says its called chopper nowadays. Anika says I will call it helicopter as it were. Shivaye says then I inspired chopper to demonstrate her. Om says that young lady has guts. Priyanka says I think Shivaye ought to have not done this. Shivaye says I ought to have called two choppers, I don't prefer to see his face once more. Anika and Shivaye talk against each other. Priyanka and Om quiet them down. Dadi hears Shivaye and says that young lady has something. Priyanka says its Shivaye's engagement practice, I have to go. Anika inquires as to why, wouldn't he be able to get occupied with one go. Pinky requests that Jhanvi send her two children and see, one gets to be Dara Singh, and different has lady sort hair and makes statues. Jhanvi requests that her stop it. They request that each other quiets down. Rudra asks Dadi the score. Dadi says its equivalent at this point. Rudra says it would be fun on the off chance that anything breaks. Dadi asks by what means will move practices begin. Rudra says cool, its my sibling's engagement. Om solicits Shivaye to think from his engagement choice. Shivaye says I m beyond any doubt of it, so I chose. Om says you ought to resolve to wed to whom you adore. Shivaye says adoration and marriage, you know our family, Jhanvi drinks throughout the day to overlook her torment, your father has a fancy woman, and, after its all said and done they both stay under same rooftop, my mum loves cash more than her child, my father keeps running from every one of his obligations, everybody despise each other here, and still, at the end of the day they are here together, why, you know this is a direct result of name, cash and power are base of each connection. He cries.

Om says I have seen this, don't commit this error, our folks made each connection a business bargain, you don't do this, you don't love Tia, you know this well. Shivaye says yes and giggles. Om says mark my words, one day your life will be another person's, she will get wound and you will get hurt, she will be happy and you will grin, that day nobody can prevent you from becoming hopelessly enamored, you will trust in affection subsequent to beginning to look all starry eyed at, that day you will come crying to me. Shivaye says this won't happen with me, however much obliged for guidance. He embraces Om and say senior sibling, I need to go.

The gay choreographer comes there and Rudra grins seeing him. Rudra asks are you okay. The choreographer grins and gazes at Rudra. Rudra says your telephone. The choreographer says the association got cut, and it can interface any minute, I m feeling down. Maa da laadla… ..plays… … . Rudra runs and the man embraces Pinky. She says finally my choreographer came. He shouts seeing Pinky. He says I require a break and runs.

Tia calls Om and he is occupied. She says Om would be occupied in studio, I will call Rudra. Rudra gets her call and says why is Lady Baba ji calling me. She asks how are you, I have sent positive vitality for you from London. He requests that her send money or any of her companions. She snickers and says you are so clever, I m returning home to shock Shivaye. He inquires as to why, simply talk sensible and that will amaze Shivaye. She requests that he joke later and do what she is stating. Rudra says I need to accomplish something of this Tia. The choreographer holds Rudra's leg and says I have thought a few stages for lady of the hour and husband to be. He approaches Rudra will you get to be husband to be for me. Rudra says no, go and instruct the lady of the hour and lucky man. Pinky requests that the man show her. The choreographer clarifies the subject and draws near to Rudra. Rudra stresses. The choreographer says in what manner will I do this, my associate did not come, who will assume my collaborator's position. Rudra grins seeing Anika returning home with Priyanka.

Rudra inquires as to whether I make any statue stand rather your collaborator then. The choreographer approaches will you do this for me and is happy. Anika tells Priyanka that she will leave now. Rudra stops Anika. Shivaye says I m going for meeting. Dadi stops him. Rudra persuades Anika to remain there and help choreographer. She can't. He asks for her by calling her Didi. She says fine, yet only for couple of mins. Rudra approaches Shivaye to desire practices. Dadi candidly extorts Shivaye and he concurs. The choreographer requests that the man of the hour lift the ghunghat. Shivaye goes to Anika and lifts the ghunghat. They get stunned seeing each other. Ishq hai. plays They review their past battles.

Precap:At the bar, a goon goes for Om and Rudra. Shivaye comes in the middle of and requests that the man shoot him. Rudra says the goon has weapon. Shivaye goes to the goon and says go ahead shoot.

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